In this unit, you will be learning how to write about your childhood using the imperfect tense.


Module 1 - Comprehensible Input

























Go through the Prezi presentation and write down the notes. Make sure to write down the conjugations, the sample sentences, and the uses of the imperfect tense.




Module 2 - Guided Practice
















Download the verb chart and conjugate the childhood-related verbs in the imperfect tense.







Module 3 - Independent Practice


Write a paragraph about your childhood. What did you enjoy doing? What would you do every day? What did you do in the summer?



Module 4 - Application/Extension



















Download the Bingo game and ask people you know the questions on the Bingo worksheet. Once you fill out the worksheet, flip the sheet over and write down five sentences about your friends' or classmates' respective childhoods. 






Module 5 - Evaluation


Write two paragraphs about your childhood. In the first paragraph, I want to know what you did in elementary school (after school activities, field trip norms, what you did in school such as read, write, etc.). In the second paragraph, I want to know what you did during the summer while growing up. 

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