In this unit, you will be learning about legends.



Module 1 - Comprehensible Input





































What do you think this story is about? Make a prediction based on the images and write it down. Share with a partner and then share out to the group.




Module 2 - Guided Practice







































Listen to the audio. After you listen to the audio, pair up and take turns reading the different sections of the legend reading aloud. Underline the cognates (words that are spelled similarly in both English and Spanish and have the same meaning). 




Module 3 - Independent Practice


Write a short summary (2-3 sentences) explaining what the legend is about. 




Module 4 - Application/Extension












































Download and complete the worksheet above. State whether each sentence is true, false, or not stated. 




Module 5 - Evaluation


Write a prediction about the legend. How will it end? Does the warrior come home from the war? Do the princess and the warrior get married?

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